Congratulations of our company being listed on New 3 Board

体彩6场半全场中奖规则:Congratulations of our company being listed on New 3 Board

2016-01-05 17:45:41 admin 21

足彩6场半全场胜负平 Under the correct leading of our company director and effort of stockholders and employees, our company is listed on New 3 Board on Jan. 31, 2015.


It is great news to the company. It is a new milestone and new start for the company’s enlarging and developing. We will find out our disadvantage and try to improve it. By pushing out of new products and market and more cooperation, we will move forward rapidly in the next 3 years.


Our goal is to achieve great improvement on diamond wire saw, polishing pads, cutting blades in 2015 and be listed on Second-board Market in 2018. We firmly believe that the future of our company will be brighter.

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